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Keeping your Trees Healthy

If a tree is cared for well, they can live for a very long time.  On the other hand, if a tree does become sick, and you catch the tree disease early enough, a professional arborists can usually treat the tree. 

Many things can be a challenge to a tree’s health.  A tree can become damaged by natural sources like insects, animals, or bacteria invasions. They can also be damaged by construction, vehicles, lightning, or severely dry air and soil. The easiest way to keep your plants and trees healthy, is to consult with an arborist, sometimes called “a tree doctor.”  Our professional Ventura based arborists can make sure your trees stay healthy and care for for your trees if they do get sick. Our local tree doctors are experienced professionals who know what a West Coast tree needs and when they need it. Please give us a call today for a free tree healthcare quote. 

Tree Health Consultants - Ventura Local

Arborists specialize in all areas of plant health care, including disease treatment, tree pest control, tree fertilization, tree  protection, identifying sick trees, and tree cabling. 

Arborists are always continuing to learn, and stay up-to-date on latest techniques for tree health care. Our local Ventura arborists are be familiar with the types of trees growing in Southern California.  

An arborist will help with a palm tree not growing, and help a citrus tree flourish. Even more, this tree consultant will identify a Sycamore or Oak tree that needs cabling and complete the task.

Tree Fertilization

The healthiest trees have the nutrients they need to thrive. When the soil on your land is depleted of nutrients, these plants do not get the “food” they need. Think of the vitamins we get from our food, to keep ourselves healthy. Trees work similarly. For example, if your citrus tree receives specialized tree fertilizer, it can grow to its full potential and provide you with beautiful, nourished citrus tree. 

Fertilizers increase root growth and add life to the soil. Additionally, some fertilizers have slow-release components that keep our trees growing healthy for a long time.

Signs Your Ventura County Tree is Sick

You’re looking at your big, beautiful tree, and something just doesn’t seem…right. Maybe your tree lost its glow a little too early in the season, or you just finished construction and suddenly the landscape surrounding your home is looking dull. A local, certified arborist will be familiar with Ventura’s  trees. This means will know how to identify a healthy, sick, or dying tree and the source of the issue! As tree health is dependent on many different factors, tree disease can show up with many symptoms.

Signs of a sick tree include early leaf loss, leaf discoloration, decaying branches, or infestation of insects in your tree. Sycamore Anthracnose is a common disease that your California Sycamore Tree can get. This is a fungal disease that affects the shoots and leaves of a tree. Symptoms may include black or brown lesions on the leaves. Your local arborist has the knowledge to identify Sycamore Anthracose or another fungal disease and adequately treat it.

Oak root rot is a very common problem in Coast Live Oak, common in southern California. However, the extent of the problem is hard to identify without the knowledge that a tree surgeon has. And, if you do have a dead tree on hand that needs to be removed, your tree insured arborist, will remove it in the safest way possible.


Tree Disease Treatment

Common trees in Southern California like Oak Trees, Sycamore, and Black Walnut trees may get disease such as root rot or fungal problems. Your local certified arborist is familiar with the  climate, soil and conditions of southern California. 

The tree surgeon comes prepared with a variety of treatment such as sprays for tree fungus or trunk injections to kill potentially deadly

If the issue is from construction or some sort of on-site issue, the arborist will identify and perform site amendments to strengthen your trees against disease damage. Think of your arborist as a tree doctor! 

We can identify the problems your beautiful trees are facing and help treat them. In the process of treating them, we minimize the long-term
effect a disease or site problem may have on your trees.

Tree Protection During Construction

A local tree arborist offers help with constructing safely around the woody vegetation on your property.  In addition to personal home improvements, street construction is also common in Ventura, Ca. During any construction project, a tree must be carefully monitored and prepped, or it can be easily damaged.   If there is construction in your area, be sure to contact us.  One of our arborist will be happy to offer the best advice, and help prep your tree for the project.  

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling and lacing extend the life of your trees and makes your yard safer for everyone to enjoy.  Tree cabling is a process to support your large trees (like Oak).  By lacing the tree we provide extra protection to the tree’s weak branches.  This protects both your family and property.  

An arborist is the best professional to help identify weaknesses in your trees that need cabling. If you think your Ventura tree might need cabling please contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you evaluate the situation. 

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