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We specialize in serving customers in Ventura City, Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks and Ventura County, California.  

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If you are looking for local Ventura tree service, chances are your job falls into one of four categories.  No matter what kind of job you need done, our licensed tree care team is here to help.  First category we specialize in, is routine tree care like ornamental and fruit tree pruning, tree lacing and crown reduction.  The second is designed to keep your trees healthy. Here, our arborists focus on tree feeding, disease treatment and pest management. Third are utility tree services such as tree removal, stump grinding, tree roots treatment and tree transplanting.  These jobs are handled with expertise by our certified tree removal professionals. And finally, is the emergency tree services. We provide these services 24 hours a day – emergency tree removal, brush clearing for fire regulations and, landscape rejuvenation

Tree Removal in Ventura, CA

utility Tree Care services

For us, like many certified arborists, removing a tree is the last resort.  However, in California trees such as palm and oak trees can often grow so large that they cause structural damage. In case of an overgrown tree or in an emergency, a tree must be removed safely. A licensed tree cutter knows how to remove the vegetation with minimal risk to the surrounding environment and structures.  Our professional and affordable tree cutting service specialists are happy to give you a free quote and will explain the tree removal process step by step. 

Stump Removal Services in California

utility Tree Care services

If you purchased a property with stumps, chances are you will need to remove them. And so, stump removal is one of our most popular services.  Our insured stump removal specialists understand that the type of tree stump matters: a palm tree stump removal and an oak tree stump removal must be done differently. It is also important to keep in mind that if a stump is not removed, it can affect a building’s foundation. Therefore, even though stump removal cost might seem like a consideration, keep in mind that uprooting a stump can easily save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Give us a call and our specialists are happy to provide you with a free quote to remove a dead tree or an old stump. 

Stump Grinding and Wood Chipping

Utility tree Services in ventura City and County

Now that your overgrown trees and old stumps have been removed, we will dispose of all vegetation safely with stump grinding and wood chipping.   After we complete the wood chipping service, we will either haul the chips or you may wish to use them as mulch for your garden.  Either way, we will also grind the old stumps and dispose of all tree waste in an environmentally friendly manner. This service is included with tree removal and stump removal services.  

Tree Trimming in Ventura County

routine tree care in Southern california

Tree trimming is an important west coast tree service.  In California, our trees can quickly overgrow and become a safety hazard.  A professional tree trimmer will get rid of old and dangreous branches.   Tree trimming services can also help the woody vegetation on your Ventura property stay healthy and beautiful. For both residential or commercial property owners, when it comes to tree trimming, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  

Tree Lacing for Big Crown Trees

routine tree care for oak, sycamore and other trees

A unique type of tree pruning service, tree lacing is very popular for west coast owners of trees with big canopy such as Oak and Sycamore.  These large, beautiful trees can sometimes become overgrown.  Our local, Ventura based tree lacing service removes branches to allow light and air to seep through the tree crown.  Tree lacing can help reduce pests, dangerous branches and at times even help the tree owner use less pesticides.

Tree Disease and Pest Management

Keeping your trees healthy with experienced tree doctors

Tree health care is an important aspect of maintaining beautiful landscape architecture.  Tree pests can become a problem in any part of the United States, but especially so on the West Coast.  The keen eye of our licensed and insured Ventura arborists can quickly spot a potential problem.   Our team is available to assess both your home and your commercial property.  During the exam, we will look for  pests, including those unique to Southern California.  Other problems we look for are common tree disease signs: a thinning canopy or discolored and undersized leaves.  If they find a problem, our tree doctors will then diagnose and explain all your tree treatment options.  

Emergency Tree Removal

Your Ventura Tree care Professionals are here to help in an emergency

If you are looking for emergency tree removal in Ventura county, we are here to help.  Our local emergency crews can come out to assess your commercial or residential property day or night.  We will then provide you with options and if needed immediately remove any dangerous trees. Maintaining our high safety standards and attention to detail means we can do all emergency tree removals with minimal risk and costs.  

Brush Clearing For Fire Regulation

emergency brush clearing services in Ventura, California

With the recent droughts, keeping your commercial or residential property free of wild brush is more important than ever.  Our experienced emergency brush removal professionals are here to help you protect your land. Our affordable services are here to help you with weed abatement and brush clearing.  This service is available 24 hours a day.  However, in Southern California, it is best to get an annual check up for fire regulation compliance. 

Tree Transplanting

west coast's best tree transplanting service

At times, large trees such as Oak, Pepper and Sycamore trees can outgrow their alloted space.  Our experienced tree surgeons can  transport your tree to a more desirable location.  Tree transplanting service requires special equipment and training. As Ventura’s top tree transplanting experts, we will spend some time examining your tree.  After our work is completed, we will provide you with an affordable quote.   Our tree transplanting team is second to none – call us at (805) 269 7774 to learn more.  

Our Other Ventura, CA Tree Care Services

Fruit Tree Prunning

Fruit tree pruning requires a special touch.  If you have fruit trees on your property, be sure to call us for a free quote.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a good option for very large trees like Oak. Crown reduction cuts back growth that strains the tree, and the root system.  

Treating Tree Roots

If you have very large roots under your home or commercial property, a good way to get rid of them is by treating the tree roots.  

Palm Tree Removal

Palm tree removal helps deter pests that are attracted to dead palm fronds.  Large palm trees can also become a hazard in heavy wind.  

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling is used to stabilize an established tree.  Tree cabling can help to correct the way the tree is growing so that it doesn’t become a hazard.

Fig Tree Care

Carrying for fig and other fruit trees is a job on its own.  If your time is limited allow us to care for the beautiful fruit trees on your commercial or residential property.

About Ventura, CA

We are proud to serve Ventura county and Ventura City, officially known as City of San Buenaventura.  Our beautiful city is set on the warm Southern California coast and surrounded by two free flowing rivers.  This area has been inhabited for thousands of years by the Chumash people. The famous Mission San Buenaventura was founded in 1782 and got its water from Ventura River.  Around the mission a town grew and eventually became incorporated in 1866.  You’ll find Ventura between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara along route 101, the original US route. Be sure to explore more about Ventura on Ventura Chamber of Commerce and Ventura city’s official website.  

How to get from Mission San Buenventura to Ventura Tree Service Pros

Starting at the Mission of San Buenaventura, head south on N. Palm St. toward E Main St.  Turn left onto US-101, merge to US-101 towards Los Angeleles.  Take exit 68 toward Seaward Avenue.  Turn right onto W Channel Islands Blvd/Habor Blvd.  Arrive at our location.

Directions from Oxnard Airport (OXR) to Our location

From the airport (OXR) take Patterson Road head out west towards the water.  Reach Harbor Boulevard and turn left.  Drive five minutes along Harbor Boulevard, past Oxnard State Beach Park.  Arrive at our location. 

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